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Apple Watch - service with the best

We know perfectly well how difficult and demanding a task is to service Apple Watch, but we are not afraid of challenges! The Apple Watch is a device designed largely for sports. Newer models also offer the option of using the device in the water. No wonder minor damage does happen sometimes. Calm down! We are not afraid of any repair!

We're here to let you know your Apple Watch is in safe hands!

All materials, sizes and generations

We service all Apple Watch generations and sizes. Our warehouses contain most parts such as screens, batteries, envelopes and signal tapes.

Thanks to our proprietary intelligent warehouse program, we are able to respond to the increased demand for certain elements, which translates into the shortest possible waiting time for repairs. Even several years after Apple discontinued support for your Watch model.

Professional Apple Watch service

Over the years, we've come to understand that Apple hardware is more than just a tool. We realize that the unique design and the ability to personalize your Apple Watch made you bet on it. That is why we treat each device with appropriate care and care, so that you can get it back intact.

Why MacLife?

We realize that the Apple Watch is a small, beautiful, precision-made device. That is why we only use original parts, completely eliminating better or worse substitutes.

Original parts, exactly as fabric

Perfect color reproduction

The touch reacts equally over the entire surface

The outer layer is glass made with an sprayed, oleophobic coating that makes cleaning way easier

Glass resistant to scratching and point impacts

Manufacturer’s warranty for proper operation for next years

Explicit cheaper and worse substitutes

Less saturated colors, color distortion

Blind spots where touch does not work or is detected elsewhere

No anti-reflective and oleophobic coatings, outer layer made of thin glass.

The glass is delicate and brittle, not resistant to scratches

Start-up guarantee or total absence due to being a replacement


You will find us everywhere

We have our services and showrooms in several cities in Poland. We have launched a door-to-door service for people from outside Warsaw, Poznan and the Tricity.