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B2B - Click and the machine starts working!

You only need 24 seconds to repair Apple hardware - that's exactly how long it takes to log in, enter the serial number of the damaged device and the reported defect in the end of the service system made available to customers. After this time, a complicated but efficient service machine begins to work.

You don't have to worry about anything

We created the B2B cooperation model based on conversations with companies and international corporations, getting to know their problems and needs. On this basis, we made the impossible: we created an offer that can be summarized in four words - only pluses, no minuses. Our flexibility allows you to cooperate with MacLife without involving multiple divisions, decision-making levels, legal departments, etc.

The most important features of the B2B model:

  • The cooperation is based on a cooperation agreement (template provided by MacLife) or any other document used by the partner company (e.g. new supplier form).
  • NDA agreement signed in accordance with the template provided by the customer or MacLife's template with the possibility of introducing own amendments.
  • Payments for repairs made on the basis of an invoice with a deferred payment date set individually in accordance with the policy of the partner company and completing the required additional documents.
  • Service by each MacLife throughout Poland (e.g. you leave in Gdansk, pick up in Warsaw).
  • Guarantee of unchanging (upwards) repair prices, permanent discounts, high priority of each repair.
  • Possibility to set SLA.
  • A delegated guardian to support the partner's company and a dedicated e-mail address for 24/7 contact.

Flexibility is us

We treat each business client equally well. It does not matter if you have a 5-person company with seven devices or if you represent an international corporation with a volume of several thousand iPhones, iPads and computers scattered all over Poland.

By having many service points, we are flexible in terms of processing capacity, and thanks to cooperation with courier companies, we are able to pick up and deliver equipment throughout the country within one working day.

Tailored offer

If you are interested in working with MacLife, leave us your number or e-mail address, and our representative will contact you immediately and present a tailored offer. All you need to do is prepare us information on the volume and type of devices and additional services that you care about (e.g. guaranteed repair time, collection from the company's headquarters, etc.).