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Every iPad, with every possible fault

Do not worry about any malfunction in your iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air or iPad Pro – We are fixing them all, and our warehouses have all components needed for servicing iPads from up to 7 years old.

Smashed glass in iPad 2? iPad mini don’t display image? The iPad Air battery needs to be replaced? Or maybe one of the four speakers in iPad Pro has stopped working? Relax, we will help!

How much will it cost?

This question naturally comes to the minds of Apple users who have problem with their iPad. That is why we have designed an automated assistant that will help you to indicate a possible problem, show the likely price and in easy way submit your tablet to the service.

iPad service

Numbers more than words suggests that the service is doing its job well. 95% of our customers were satisfied with the repairs, a percentage of complaints oscillating around 0,7% and an average of 1,58 repaired devices per customer.

Why do we have such good results? In our opinion, it is the result of hard work and paying attention to details that can escape. Thanks to photographic documentation making at every stage and through the accurate tests we are sure that the iPad leaving our service is in exactly same visual condition as when it comes to our hands.

Our advantage
over other services

The most important difference is the fact that we work only on iPad elements from the top shelf. We do not have cheap and unreliable substitutes or several quality classes of devices in our offer. Another important advantage is the full testing each device before and after repair. Thanks to this, we know, that after leaving the service with your iPad, this device will work only be better.

We are not alone, but we believe that we are the best

MacLife is the oldest post-warranty iOS device service in Poland and one of the first in the world that opened and analysed the operation of the iPad shortly after its world premiere in April 2010. By then, we repaired over 14 thousands Apple tablets! So we can easily say that we know them as well as their designers.

Original parts, exactly as fabric

Touch layer fully transparent

IPad responds to the touch similarly over the entire surface

The colour of the frame is exactly as it was made at factory: white is white, black is black

The outer layer is glass made with an sprayed, oleophobic coating that makes cleaning way easier

Glass with ideal external dimensions, home button mounted without any clearance

Manufacturer’s warranty for proper operation for next years

Explicit cheaper and worse substitutes

Visible digitizer mesh on the entire screen surface

Blind spots where touch does not work or is detected elsewhere

The colour of white glass falls into grey, yellow or ecru, black into grey

No anti-reflective and oleophobic coatings, outer layer made of thin glass or even plastic

Dimensions may differ slightly from the original, e.g. visibly larger hole of the home button

Start-up guarantee or total absence due to being a replacement

Hundreds of iPads go through the hands of our service staff every month

To avoid any mistakes or misunderstandings, we created a distributed diagnosis system in which the device first goes to people involved in the preparation of photographic documentation, testing and diagnosis the faulty parts, and then to the appropriate service department, which is the heart of MacLife