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IPhone service -
we support all iPhone models

We will surround your smartphone with comprehensive care – we are able to fix the failure of speaker, battery, camera or even volume or home button and other defective elements. Always with precision and accuracy worthy of the best iPhone service

We have been repairing and supporting Apple device since 2007, since the first iPhone telephone appeared on the market. Thanks to many years of experience, iPhone Xs broken screens, requiring replacement batteries in iPhone 6 or inundated iPhone 8 are not a problem for us. The service of every iPhone is a challenge for us, but also a pleasure. It’s our passion for many many years!

Be careful! Poor quality spare parts can cause the equipment malfunction and even damage it ( e.g. the motherboard ). At MacLife, we work only on the highest quality elements, that’s why we guarantee trouble-free work for the next years!

Krzysztof, manager of the Warsaw, Szaserow service

The longest guarantee
on the market

In the times when other services for the replace parts gives a 3-onth warranty, we cover the repaired device with one year protection.

Our complaint level is about 0.8-1.2 percent and is enviable not only in Apple industry.

If there is a situation where your device must be returned to the service, we ship at our expense and we give high priority to diagnosis and repair.

Extraordinary Customer Service makes even a complaint in MacLife a pleasure. We understand your problems and will give you 100% support.

Time counted in hours, not weeks

Have you had enough of week waiting iPhone services and continuous being ignored?

We don’t waste the time by ordering parts, because we have them all in place! We understand how important the contact with the world is for you! iPhone repair can’t go on forever!

Why efficient repair in MacLife is not and utopia, but reality? Because from the beginning of our activity we create and implement proprietary procedures and solutions that have one task – simplify speed up work as much as possible.


A centralized warehouse, which is filled with original spare parts every day, guarantees – regardless of whether it is iPhone Xs Max or iPhone 4 repair – the shortest possible lead time.

Back camera – iPhone 6s

15 pieces

Battery – iPhone X

8 pieces

Why MacLife,
but no… ?

What makes us stand out among dozens of other services? Quick repairs and one-year warranty will probably convince many. We have prepared a list of additional arguments for other people.

Service prices do not differ from the market ones

We prove that professionalism can go hand in hand with an attractive prices. By treating MacLife as a last resort, you deprive yourself of optimal repair. Somewhere else was cheaper by PLN 30 or PLN 60? Add to this amount of shipping costs, lost time for ineffective complaints, reduced quality of parts and it turns out that you have actually spent more than with us.

We install parts of only the highest quality

IPhone telephones are devices designed in the smallest details, where each part harmonizes perfectly with the rest of components. Apple has no room for compromise. A non-original battery not only negatively affect the working time, but may also damage the charging system on the motherboard. At MacLife we only work with original parts.

* The exception are the replacement screen modules, which we have recently introduced into the offer.

We are the largest post-warranty service in Poland

We have been on the market since 2007 and we are still developing to this day. We understand your needs, which is why we constantly improve the entire service process - starting from scheduling a date, then through comprehensive repair, and ending with the delivery of the device as soon as possible. We know that they are very often work tools, so we try to keep you working without worrying about long downtime. The introduction of the door-to-door service makes us available to you throughout Poland.

We take care about good opinion

This is a very important argument, although it does not seem so at first glance. We are on the Polish service market for over 12 years and we are not going anywhere. That is why positive customer experiences are so important for us. Points focused only on maximizing profits at the expense of user satisfaction do not care if they will be forced to change their name or location in next years.

We work for non-petitioners

In our services every customer feels like he is the sun around which the planet MacLife revolves ;-) We always welcome you with smile and we call you without reminding. Why? Because we know that we exist thanks to you.

IPhone service wherever,
you need it

In Poland, we have several services and showrooms ready to solve your problem at any time

Especially for customers outside Warsaw, Poznan and Tricity we have also launched a door-to-door service