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Take it easy,
Mac is in good hands

By giving your computer to MacLife service, you don’t have to worry about whether it will come back in the same visual condition as it arrives to us. Fixing one defect won’t create another. We are aware of the value of entrusted equipment and the task assigned to us – eliminate the defect as soon as possible, so the equipment can be used again for work, communication or entertainment.

Our beliefs and the standard developed over the years do not allow us to handle it otherwise than with a child. Every serviced Mac is accurately photographed at the acceptance, diagnosis and repair stages.

Will you fix it?
Of course we will!

Small and portable We have been repairing Apple equipment since 2008. During this time a lot has changed: there has been a transition from the architecture of PowerPC processors to Intel, change of ATI graphic chipsets to nVIDIA and Intel, abandon the optical drivers, ethernet ports and USB 2.0. However, we are constantly repairing MacBooks and we think we are the best at it!

Bigger and stationary We do not run away from servicing heavier, often glued and not twisted stationary models such as iMac, Mac Pro and Mac mini. Inundations, overvoltages and spontaneous damage occur here as well. Working with microscope, exchanging configuration in BGA or SMD technology are not a problem for us, but a daily challenge.

Additional devices A second Cinema Display monitor, a backup to Time Capsule, internet access via AirPort, Magic Trackpad instead of a mouse… are only accessories that may also have malfunctions which you can also quickly and efficiently repair in MacLife.

At MacLife
we value the time
of our customers

Perform a remote repair quote

That’s why we have designed effective solutions so that you can quickly diagnose the problem and estimate it online. Use an automated assistant who will help you to identify the probably damaged item and will easily allow you to submit the product to our service.

With us – without leaving your home you will be able to find out wat the total cost of the service will be and how long the repair will take. You will be notified of the various stages of the order via SMS or email. If you have any questions, you can use the smart helpline, which will recognize your order and connect you with appropriate department.

The trick is to fix it, not to only replace it

Procedures in warranty services are ruthless for damaged equipment and their owners – everything that works incorrectly must be replaced. So if, for example you don’t have one keyboard button, you need to replace aluminium case, keyboard, battery and touchpad, all for a few thousand zlotys!

In our service we try to repair damaged elements first and only when this action not guarantee working correctly, we replace them. But note whole module, but only the damaged part!

The reason, why some services prefer to replace the whole module instead of the faulty part is not to maximize profits, but to save time and above it all – the lack of qualified technical staff who would be able to find or remove such a defect.

Mateusz, technician in MacLife Poznan

Do you have any worries? We will help solve you them!

You want to be sure that your MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Pro or Mac mini will be repaired with the highest standards and warranty? You couldn’t find better because we only use original spare parts in MacLife. We assume that quality does not compromise.

We have created a summary that show the important differences between the original sample part and the substitute. We hope that in this way we will help you to make the best decision!

Original parts, exactly as factory made

Lithium-polymer cells with silver nanoparticles, adapted to perform over 1000 cycles

Definitely extended computer battery life, such as after buying a computer

Computer is working properly, charging and discharging

The cell has electronic protection against full discharge ( which could cause a damage )

Completed 1-5 test cycles of full charge and discharge

Manufacturer’s warranty for proper operation for next years

Explicit cheaper and worse substitutes

Lithium-ion cells with a lifetime of about 500 cycles and longer charging time

Slight or unnoticeable increase compared to the previous used battery

The computer may turn off at random times, regardless of the percentage of charge

No protection, the battery can be a fully discharged to a level of 0%

Recycled cells can have already 500-1000 cycles

Start-up guarantee or total absence due to being a replacement