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Replace old device with new one

At the beginning of January 2016, we launched the MacLife trade-in platform that allows you to replace old Apple equipment with new one at preferential prices. You don't have to worry about too much devices anymore - in MacLife you know in advance what discount you will receive.

You can replace any functional iPhone, iPad or Mac computer with brand new equipment from the current Apple offer.

Purchase of apples. Fast and profitable

You don't have time to create ads for selling your equipment? You don't want to meet strangers? With the MacLife trade-in, you can cash your device in no time! Acceptance, quick verification of correct operation and within 3 days the money is already in your account.

Fast online pricing

By entering the serial number of the device you can check how much you will receive in MacLife for your Apple device. The price is valid for fully functional equipment, delivered with original accessories and a box. A full device test is performed before final approval.

The service may refuse to purchase if the subject of the transaction has significant visual damage. The data on the media is deleted. Therefore, the seller is responsible for their archiving.

Have your serial number and photos ready and send it by iMessage chat or email to serwis@maclife.pl