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Have you lost your Apple device? There is a great chance of getting it back

Apple does not provide the database of the lost devices and does not have the tools to contact with owner of the found device.

Since 2011, MacLife has been running a database of stolen or lost devices. This is a complement to the Apple FMI service, enabling tracking of the device and person in possesion of the lost product. Each acceptance of an iPhone, iPad or Mac computer to the MacLife service network triggers an automatic database search action. We establish cooperation with competitive websites aimped at implementing the use of BSU mechanisms in their daily work.

Check if your Apple product is not blacklisted!

Enter the 11/12 character serial number of the device and check if it has been reported as lost.

Do not wait and report the lost device

By completing the form below, you can give yourself a chance to find your lost equipment. In the situation of a product has been reported to database, our company contacts with the applicant and, through law enforcement agencies, transfers the equipment to the rightful owner.


Device information

To get a lost device into the system, we need all the information to help us distinguish it from other Apple devices.


Last owner information

Each service has an individual RMA repair number, thanks to which we are able to check the repair status of the device.

I declare that the above-mentioned equipment is my property, theft/loss took place and the incident was reported to the police.