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MacLife it's Apple Service

MacLife is an iPhone service center.

Mobile hardware & software repairs.

Ever since the iPhone appeared in the US market in 2007, we have been taking care of its service. MacLife is currently the biggest out-of-warranty iPhone service in Poland. We've gained knowledge that other service centers don't have. We repair broken motherboards, we replace cracked glass, non-functioning touchscreen layers and damaged cases. Believe us - we know this phone just as well as its creators do.

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We also repair iPads.

Failures of any kind, in any generation.

iPads have an over 9" touchscreen, which is unfortunately also prone to breaking. We perform full service of all kinds of iPads of the first and second generation, with WiFi and 3G.

We are able to replace a damaged aluminium back case, fix a burned or corroded motherboard, replace broken glass, a broken charging port, etc. All that since the very the premiere, that is since April 2010!

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… and Mac computers.

Stationary and mobile. Small and big ones.

You will have to wait maximum few days from the day of dispatch to the day of receipt of your computer. Diagnosing the problem will take us at most cases 24 hours, then comes the phone call, the positive decision of the owner, and the repair starts.

We support the repairs of all Mac computers with Intel processors and most of those based on PowerPC architecture. We do not perform the exchange of all components, but basically we aim at repairing them by changing bridges, graphic chipsets, amplifiers, etc. It allows us to significantly reduce the costs of repair without lowering its efficiency.

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… i wszystkie rodzaje iPodów.

Shuffle, nano, mini, photo, video, classic, touch.

iPod się nie uruchamia? Bateria szybko się rozładowuje? Występują problemy z oprogramowaniem? Zbił się ekran? Zablokował jack? Trudne przypadki robimy od ręki, niemożliwe zajmują nam trochę więcej czasu.

Dzięki stacjom lutowniczym, mikroskopom oraz wieloletniemu doświadczeniu, jesteśmy w stanie rozłożyć sprzęt na części pierwsze, naprawić lub wymienić uszkodzone elementy, a następnie wszystko złożyć, bez pozostawienia wolnych śrubek ;-)

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